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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A special baby...

Salam to all followers. Thank you so much for spending a moment on my blog. Even though Along said that my grammar was poor, I do hope you guys could digest my expressions (I never edit and write whatever that come across my mind). As for you, my dearest Along, 'Sorry, teacher..hihihihi'.

Let's talk about Ghaziy's behavior. He is a simple baby with a very low demand. He will never cry unless he is uncomfortable. He doesn't complain unless there is a need for him to complain.

Situations where he'll be complaining:
- pass motion;
- breathing discomfort;
- looking at strangers face without prior introduction;
- tired of watching videos.

He is a baby with high level of understanding, that's what all his doctors said. Any action or procedure against him need to be directly and softly informed to him.

Today it is almost 2months he hasn't come across with bad desaturation. We were so thankful to Allah the merciful we need not to face that our precious Ghaziy struggling to catch a breath. We could rest him from the biPap (his ventilator) for an hour to stare at his oval shape face grinning to us. Note that he will be EXTRA cautious with his breathing whenever interference is made to hi biPap. I actually need to ask for his approval to loosen or to fix the biPap mask or he'll get upset and could turn pale or worst, he'll stop to breath.

Doctors described Ghaziy as a baby with high socially gifted and full with expressions. Talking to him is like talking to an adult and it's important to make him understand every action taken or done to him. My first impression listening to what the doctors said was, 'Subhanallaaah'. My child couldn't move not because of he is retarded or brain disfunction but he only lost his survivor motor neuron in his DNA. Hence, his energy is fully concentrated to his mind causes him to be bright and intelligent.

I'll be sharing with you guys on nature of SMA child in my next post. I learnt a lot from the web and built my strength through digesting and understanding SMA facts. Accepting the facts requires me to go beyond simply relying to doctors explanation. Insyaallah, we'll meet again daaaaa...

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  1. aiyooo....no need to mention the grammar comment maaa...yet, IT IS my nature, he3.
    as for my li'l Ghaziy.......hugs n kisses..:))