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Monday, October 10, 2011

Bittersweet moments with Ghaziy

The day begins with a terrifying moment as I entered the ward. Cardiac monitor shows that Ghaziy's oxygen rate is 90% whilst the little guy signing his discomforts. In between the nurse started the suction procedure on him, which took less than a minute he just turned pale and the oxygen rate was dropping fast to 8%.

That was a scenario that make me decided to let Ghaziy remain hospitalized for the past 5 months. My adrenalin runs rapidly each time facing what the medical team call 'desaturation'. It's among COD of an SMA patient. Apart from that, COD could be due to lung infections.

As a mother I do wish that Ghaziy's disorder is just a nightmare and i'll wake up next morning holding him like a normal child BUT I rest the thought and hope to the almighty Allah to decide what's best for the little fella.

As we speak, the little guy is sound asleep whilst his tummy being filled up with milk.

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