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Monday, June 18, 2012

A big dilemma

When speaking on being a mom to an SMA child there are so many ethical dilemma I need to face.. Beforehand I need to face a genetic counsellor that suppose to well consult me and husband on our family planning.

This is where how I wish that I'm a lavish rich lady or how I wish I'm living in USA or UK. The knowledge of the other countries and sympathy of the government are greater than ours.

I was first told last year that prenatal test for SMA is fully sponsored by our govt.. That was during my Ghaziy was still hospitalised. And definitely I have no idea to get pregnant at that time..

As time flies and we agreed to give a shot on another child, as I just started my research on prenatal test, the procedure, the findings, the effects and the cost... I'm a bit disappointed when our genetician informed us that our govt is no longer funding the test. Though, the cost is only about 2k, still the needy would appreciate the benefit of the fund. So, be it..

There was one say, our govt prefer to provide chances and opportunity to those that would have more chance of living.. crap.. hate to think more of negativity let us just live the issue and talk about things that can be done rather than singing to a lagu sumbang on the dark side being abnormal..

Basically the best prenatal test to determine SMA is chorionic villus sampling (CVS). How it is done?

This was taken from Wikipedia.

It entails sampling of the chorionic villus (placental tissue) and testing it for chromosomal abnormalities, usually with FISH or PCR. CVS usually takes place at 10–12 weeks' gestation, earlier than amniocentesis(14–16 weeks).[citation needed] It is the preferred technique before 15 weeks.[2]
CVS was performed for the first time by Italian biologist Giuseppe Simoni, scientific director of Biocell Center, in 1983.[3]
Use as early as 8 weeks in special circumstances has been described.[4]
It can be performed in a transcervical or transabdominal manner.

Risk of miscarriage in CVS is about 0.5 - 1%. Apart from a risk of miscarriage, there is a risk of infection and amniotic fluid leakage. The resulting amniotic fluid leak can develop into a condition known as oligohydramnios, which is low amniotic fluid level. If the resulting oligohydramnios is not treated and the amniotic fluid continues to leak it can result in the baby developing hypoplastic lungs (underdeveloped lungs).
Additionally, there is also mild risk of Limb Reduction Defects associated with CVS, especially if the procedure is carried out in earlier terms (before 12th week of pregnancy).[7]
It is important after having CVS that the obstetrician follow the patient closely to ensure the patient does not develop infection.

Frankly.. I am feeling goosebumps looking at the picture and thinking that I need to go through this.. but I believe with the assistance from Allah, InsyaAllah everything will run smoothly on the day.. afterall it would be worth of trying as we are human, our job is never to give up ikhtiar and to surrender the end to Allah the most knowledgeable and the merciful..


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    1. working to get pregnant and healthy and positive..

  2. Alhamdulillah need not to undergo this procedure YET.. The Creator do knows better and listens to our prayers in overcoming the above dilemma...