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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Day...

Ghaziy is currently showing positive stability. Though secretion amount has never been less, he learned to handle it with caution but maintaining his relax level. That is actually helped a lot. For the past 5 days, I managed to propped him up for at least 10 minutes a day giving him a relief on his shoulder due to prone positioning.

Why would my Ghaziy loves to be positioned prone?

That's a question I've been wondering. I never come across through any websites on SMA child's photos with prone position. I do wish I could have a person whom I could share her experience and knowledge in nursing and caring of SMA type 1 baby.

The doctors are helping a lot in making me understand the literal part of SMA natures. What causes the disorder and the bitterness of the prognosis but they unable to illustrate how the actual patient undergo their life. Perhaps it's something that the parent need to discover themselves.

As such, everyday shall be a challenge for me as Ghaziy will continuously teach me with new experience in becoming a great mother (I hope so..) to a special needs child.

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