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Friday, October 21, 2011

Postdated update..

October 19th 2011

As I entered the ward ( oooh.. I sound like I work in hospital, hihihihi) there's a tall doctor ,I mean very very very super tall. He looks surprised and admitted that he thought I'm his boss. I used to come across him previously during his on call but never knew he could be sooooo talkative.

Even Ghaziy noted his existence as he even sing a song about rainy day when the first drop fell. It's kind of enjoying having him around once in a while but too much of talking causes sleepless to the little guy. The nurses reported that Ghaziy was only able to have his afternoon nap after the doctor left.

Due to the fact that my son was lack of afternoon nap, he looked restless during the evening. His eyes filled with sleepy tears conforming the theory that he needs early goodnight. Hence, be it, changed him to his pajama did his routine suction and his Ayah recited Quran less than a minute, he totally fell into deep sleep. He looks like a ball when he's asleep. His sexy pinky lips and blushed plump cheeks make my thought of having a very sick baby. In addition, my spirit is motivated that he'll might someday come home with me...PERHAPS...INSYAALLAH...

P/s: lately I have issues in uploading picture to my blog and I'm trying very hard to overcome it. Dear followers, appreciate for your patient.

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