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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another happy day

Salam to my followers...

Started my day as usual, it's a quiet Saturday in IPHKL. Greet my little pumpkin Ghaziy with my warmest smile and of course he replied it in his sweetest way. Shukur he was granted a good health recently enabling our moments to be filled with joyful activity.

Resuming our routine (Me, Ghaziy & Hubby) we got him changed into his day clothes. It's a bit special today as I'm trying to put on him a long sleeves t-shirt bought 5 months ago, a day before he was admitted to hospital as part preparation of his 'raya' collection.
It's a bit hard to make him wear T-shirt with his biPap machine and possibilities of him desaturated. I'd whispered to him that he could cooperate as ayah really wants him to wear the shirt all this long.


Due to the fact that the little fella is on his tummy twenty four seven, I need to roll him and maintaining his breathing stability is part of my challenge. Alhamdulillah he looks find just until I loosen his biPap mask he started to look panic. Thus,I called for assistance from his nurses to roll him back and we did managed to put him into the shirt whilst he's a bit upset and his oxygen dropped for few seconds to 70%.

And a big OMG looking at him in his colorful theme today...

(I'll try to upload the picture of him ASAP..)

Post challenging moment making Ghaziy looks handsome, drove him sleepy...I tucked him to sleep and went off for short breakfast anddrove to my cousin's house in Kepong. I normally do any necessary activities like paying bills, get some new clothes for Ghaziy or making phone calls to my office during this short intervention period (between 11am to 1pm) where Ghaziy is asleep.

As I reached Yun's house how glad I am to look at her newborn princess, Khalila. I've been longing to see her and getting the opportunity even a short meeting lit up my while day. managed to took a picture of her and I even got her passport photo and she's soooo adorable... Eager to see her growing to 5 months age so I can pinch her plump cheek, a nasty thought though...hihihihi

As I returned to Ghaziy, the moment he saw me he said, "aaaaahhhh..." perhaps he's asking me hey... Where have you guys been? So, I showed him Khalila's photo and he's smiling at her little sister whom I dream to make as his playmate. Perhaps one day Khalila is able to visit Ghaziy...

The day continues the same and we have few visitors like atok, nenek and mommy with his 3 musketeers..

It's a fun and happy day and let's fill our heart with gratitude to Allah for granting such a day in our lives...

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