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Thursday, June 7, 2012


hmmm...Dah lama since I wrote my last post..too long, I guess. Recently I have been tide up with work and extra activities that I made up to fill in my free time (was not a good excuse of not writing, though). Frankly, I am dried of appetite to write, cause I am washed with tears whenever I open this blog dashboard. In brief, I felt the grieve of loosing my 'Warrior' more and more as the time passed. Hmmmm... bukan senang nak melupakan anak yang pergi ke tempat that we noted as the best place ever. It is true that my Ghaziy would be guaranteed heaven insyaallah and he will never ever forget me & his ayah once the time arrives. Nonetheless, I'm feeling bitter now and then.. struggling with the lost..imagining how would he look like as 1 1/2 year old baby. Sometimes he do drops in my dream but not in any mean that I can describe when I awake. Mungkin penyejuk hati yang selalu senang dipengaruhi negativities whispered by the devil is ONE DAY...MY GHAZIY WILL RUN FOR US..ONE DAY, OUR GHAZIY WILL LOOK FOR US..ONE DAY ALLAH WILL UNITE US WITH OUR GHAZIY. That are phrases me and hubby would always tell to each other... ONE DAY.. And in the meantime, life must goes on.. a smile need to be put on my oval face daily hoping that Allah will grant me a child that is free from autosomal recessive.. a child that I can cuddle every night... a child that every parent would have dream.. Insyaallah... Currently, my determination is to plan for a baby.. Banyak research I made on keeping track of mensus. Coicidently if Iam pregnant it is important for me to undergo a prenatal test. Based on my research, prenatal test yang qualify for me and the situation is CHORIONIC VILLUS SAMPLING (CVS). Bunyinye macam adventurous je if I am getting pregnant.. so, please pray for my rezeki everybody.. andddd..paling penting DOAKU PADA ALLAH TAK PERNAH KURANG AGAR DIKURNIAKAN ZURIAT YANG SIHAT DAN TERHINDAR DARI SEGALA PENYAKIT.. Next post, Insyaallah I'm going to talk about CVS.. sounds creepy, tapi bila kita bercerita pada orang mungkin rasa takut untuk face the reality will diminish.. berserah pada Allah setelah berusaha.. and I'll do that!!!


  1. allah plan better than us insya allah sis, good luck :)

  2. Innalillahiwainna ilaihi rajiun...Mudah2an Allah ganti yg lebih baik daripada apa yang dikembalikan...

  3. thank you Nadz & norzila.. mudah mudahan segala urusan dipermudahkan oleh Allah.. Doa from frenz n families are my best cure & strength..