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Saturday, September 21, 2013

New journey of motherhood

Never had I come across to have my life invaded by this little tiny girl we named Maryam. Yes, indeed she turned to be me n hubby new obsession.

To those who knows our story, I am frankly said she's a whole new world to us. The rush we had during Ghaziy's lifetime is coming back. We got to be disciplined by her...!!!! How fascinating isn't it!!! 

Though I'm definitely sure this would be another different and new experience of parenting but I'm praying that we could raise Maryam just like we did to our big guy Ghaziy or should I say even better and LONGER.. 

Because of Maryam had entered to my life, I can actually blog again. No more whining and wimping blogging in my little attic of mind...adios for now..

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