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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Celebrating in silence..

As we wake up in the morning
and your not here to see,
we grasp for some reality...
that our dreams can never be.
We'd bake a cake & buy balloons,
we'd burn a candle too.

We'll imagine what the day would bring,
if only you weren't gone.
You'd run and laugh, and jump about,
we'd sing the birthday song.
You should be here today,
excited as can be...
Sifting through the toys and wrap,
bursting forth with glee...
But Allah had other plans for you,
these plans, we'll never know.

Today, no candle burns, no cake baked and...no tiny lips to blow.

So on this day... my precious son Ghaziy,
Is your birthday number two...
you are always and forever in our hearts and in our thoughts
....as we send our love to you... Alfatihah.. May we reunite eternally insyaallah..

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