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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's been a year

I've stopped blogging cause I kept making myself as busy as possible.

Besides hooking up myself with office work, I've nurtured my love to a pet name Haciko. He's a cat that always bug my morning since last eid fitri. Got myself a hygandrea - sensitive yet a beautiful plant. Experimenting Internet recipes is another activity I opt to fill my time at home.

My darling husband started taking his master degree. That's a hell of time consuming and I bet he'll be nuts running and managing daily life and perhaps me, hohoho.

Even though we faced a horrible pain in losing Ghaziy, we are always comfort in thinking that he is in the best place where a human could ever wish. He is our greatest treasure ever given by Allah.

We did pursue for another dime in our life as we were pregnant but it did not turn out well and I was miscarriage at 2 months. Allah knows best as He answered my prayers in the best way.

There are questions popping, are we afraid of having another child and the answer is NO, are we going to adopt a child, what is our anticipation in getting pregnant next child and the list continues...

We are running out of answers on certain question especially those relating to Allah fate but we live our life through great experience from raising a special child named Ghaziy.

We manage to keep our tears from the world knowledge just to know that our only son is waiting for our day to rejoined him.

My fellow friends described us as unbelievably strong. Thank you guys, such compliment leads to prayers which sustained us to gain the strength.

I may say, i never cured by time. The pain never ease through time, I'll cry hard whenever I miss the little guy. It's the strength given by Allah that cures my wound. Once in a while I dream of my Ghaziy. When I felt I almost lost of loosing him, Allah lends him in my dream. Thank you dear Lord, the most merciful.

Basically for the past 365 days after we lost our precious warrior Ghaziy, we tried to undergo a life without struggling to hard to forget the bitter in losing our loved one.

We are surrounded with determination to meet him for eternally. We pray hard for the day to be real. The day I could hug my prince forever without bipap refraining me touching his nose :), insyaallah please Allah have mercy on me to reach the goal.

Alfatihah to my dear Ghaziy, you are my true sunshine, giving birth to you was my greatest success, nursing you was my challenge conquered with flying colors and accompanying you till your last day in this world is something I'd never forget as the experience grow me better, faaaarrr better. Alhamdulillah, behind the bitterness and pain I had to face there's always hikmah arrived, perhaps awaiting me... Wallahua'lam...

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