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Friday, January 13, 2012

A walk to remember...

It's almost 2 months since Ghaziy departed from this world. I surely misses him a lot. Couldn't describe the pain in a conclusive word..despite the bitterness I'd always redha. I'm going through my lifetime with my best buddy, my betterhalf i.e. the darling Saiful Nizam.

As promised in my previous post, I shall continue the story of a tremendous holiday I had beginning of 2012.

As its a fact that the whole family was going to Penang for Amil's wedding, my husband and I planned to have a new year 'escapade'.. And my sister Elly had the same thought too. So we booked our stay at Vistana Penang. We started to depart from KL after subuh, with an excitement. Daniel, Adam n Ra'ees were full with enthusiast as they hadn't gone for a Holliday quite sometime.

My sis had a big plan for our new eve dinner... The rest of the pictures would be a great memoirs of our walk that to be remembered. A holiday where all of us companies each others' lost...

Thanx Kak Che' for the great dinner..